An Equal Difference shares wisdom and inspiration from people who live in a country which has ranked first for gender equality the past seven consecutive years (World Economic Forum Gender Global Gap Report).  The UK is just behind South Africa at 18 and the USA is just behind Mozambique at 28. That said statistics do not come close to telling the entire story. Through photographs, stories and reflections, the book takes a closer, more human look at life and modern thought in contemporary Iceland. It does so from the gender equal perspective that who you are is more important than what you are. For more information visit


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In 2013 I travelled to Iceland in search of something. Not so much for its remarkable terrain as the construction of its society and the minds and hearts of its people. I was inspired by fragments of Iceland’s reaction to the global financial crash of 2008 and wanted to better understand the kind of culture that would call for measures like the “feminisation of banking”, jailing bankers responsible for the crash, switching to an independent, renewable energy source, having a socialised child care system, or making prostitution illegal by criminalising the buyers.  

I travelled to Iceland, spoke to and photographed people from a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the arts to psychology to finance, education, health and government. I began realising the sort of intelligence in command of those decisions thrives when people are supported to be who they are not what they are. This is a major facet of equality.

The 'thesis' of the book is centred around the notion that any society pursuing gender equality, which benefits everyone, has a better opportunity to bring about peace and prosperity in all areas of life.  Striving for gender equality will have an affect on everyone and everything on the planet for the better because in it's purest form, it allows people to more fully actualise.