A Photographic Memory

I usually can't remember things for shit, that's what Trello and WeekCal are for. But I do remember faces. Can you relate? Like so many people I wonder if it's my memory deteriorating? Then something like this happens.

Whilst in the crowd photographing at Sónar Festival in February I noticed a group of young kids in the front row pressed up against the barriers. They were in a gang of three, topped with woolly hats, beaming a fierce individuality through their wide open eyes. Their personalities struck me from the looks on their faces, as clearly as grumpy, happy and bashful. I'm sorry to compare them to dwarves, at 5'3" (that's 160cm Iceland) I get plenty of short jokes, so I know how it feels. But if the shoe fits Cinderella...

Who are these kids?

Gradually and then all at once, as memories tend to surface, I remembered them from the previous summer. I was at the Secret Solstice in the pit photographing Emmsjé Gauti.

Emmsjé Gauti on stage at Secret Solstice 2014

When I turned to photograph the crowd there they were! My first thought was 'do their parents know where they are'? Then, 'who are their parents'? They must be the coolest parents on earth.

I wonder if they will be the future face of music, one day facing us from a stage as we cram against the barriers to scream, shout and dance to their music.  I count five kids between the two pictures. That's band size enough.  But, Iceland. Do you know where your children are? It would be okay if they were here. Surely. And then I think, wait, this is Iceland. Who's that row of girls behind them?

Last Seen: Sónar Reykjavik 2015