Sónar 2015 Reykjavík

Founded in Barcelona in 1994 Sónar is a 'Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art' held in cities around the world. 

I covered this festival as a photographer for the Grapevine magazine holding little expectations of what it would bring. Sónar felt like the Airwaves festival but without the queues, walking, fries, friends and crowds. It also took place after 7pm so no daytime gigs while you ate your fries at the Laundry whilst trying to glimpse the band playing through the bar's cabinet. There were more DJs, more dancing, but not as much of that as I'd expect from an electronic music festival, and it featured some of the bands you'd hope to catch at Airwaves.

What is electronic music these days anyhow? In the late 80s when it was on the rise in the USA (totally behind the times) the cornucopia of classifications we have today did not exist. No cosmic disco, euro disco, speedcore, trancecore, goa trance hard bag, ghetto tech, dubstep, trip hop, or any of the multitudinous other experimental classifications which now exist. It was ALL experimental and all electronic. But classification is what we humans do. Modern music is so often a hybrid what isn't electronic music these days aside from music like Brahms? Even the Kronos Quartet got mixed up in electronica to our musical content. The more 'electronic' the better in my opinion. The most awe inspiring acts were a mixture of the two. Visit the grapevine.is for reviews. 

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