I first met Philip Schild in Broadway Market where he was selling his honey at a one time art festival called the Mile of Art. I was immediately taken with his enthusiasm wrapped up in a genuine bee keeper's suit and went in search of his mother to ask to photograph him. He was only twelve at the time. Over the years I got to know him, his stepfather Ian and his mother Nicola and the process by which they made their Hackney Honey on the roof of their house. After about a year of photographing them I approached the Guardian with the story. It was published in June 2007. A mention of the article was made in Parliament by Lord Rooker which you can read in the Hansard's text. After that the family were inundated with requests for film and photography purposes. Most notably, Philip and Ian appeared on Hugh Fernley Whittingstall's River Cottage Program. Philip and Ian no longer keep bees but Philip has grown up and is studying drama.