In 2003 I was a consultant for Apple computers commuting daily to White City on the Central line from Bethnal Green. Like many people who do one job while dreaming of another I was growing frustrated by the lack of energy I had for photography. It was never a hobby, it was always a passion I wanted to do full time but for every artist there is a path you must walk to get there. Sometimes you must take the Tube. I was frustrated and inspired by the fact that nowhere in London are you physically closer to people than on the Tube yet nowhere are you mentally further apart. In New York City we have frequent verbal exchanges with each other even on the subway. Not so much the case in London. Our eyes become our primary communication medium and so I got to looking. So much so that I decided to take inspiration from Walker Evans and Bruce Davidson and begin my own series. I used a cable release up my sleeve like Evans did and a Voightlander Bessa-T camera which had a very quiet click and a T-winder so I could easily advance the film. I did this because I wanted to observe forms and situations without drawing attention to myself or making anyone feel watched. I find it ironic that we are suspicious and sometimes take out our frustration out on individual photographers curiously observing our humanity while allowing our general culture to continue erecting myriad cctv cameras to spy on all of us because of the relative few who may have criminal intentions.