The Price of Beer in Bruges and Iceland (Belgium)

Where I live in Reykjavík, a bottle of Einstök Pale Ale (which is a damn fine ale) costs 439 kronur. That is roughly 4 Euros.


Well, from Vinbúðin, the state appointed liquor store actually, of which there are about 12 in Reykjavik and the majority are only open till 6pm and closed on Sundays. In the pub the same beer will cost you 1100 kronur or roughly 11 Euros.

That very same Einstök, which is PRODUCED in Iceland, can be purchased from Majestic Wines in England, for 254 kronur a bottle, or 2 Euros (Yay Brexit! Wait. What the fuck?).

Tonight I drank local beer. Belgian beer. It was amazing. I had an Orval followed by a "splash out"on a Duvel Tripel. Each was under 5.50 Euros. And I was sitting in a gorgeous bar with atmosphere so thick you could spread it on a cracker, eat it, and be full.

Why Iceland. Why? 

I still love you. But why?

In case you don't follow, like, or do maths, that's 11 Euros for a fine bottle of beer in a bar in Iceland, or 5 Euros for a fine bottle of beer in a bar in Belgium.

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