Falling Flat Tracking in Love in Malmö (Sweden)

While I  was in Copenhagen yesterday I drove across the bridge to Malmö in Sweden. Jonathan who I'd met at the Wrenchmonkees garage the day before, had invited me to come check out flat track riding on an old speedway track. 

My bike was built for flat tracking, but I can now assure you, I am not. Not in my current state of ache anyhow. Driving is wonderful but it is taking a toll on my lower back.

It turned out that Clara, his girlfriend of three months, was also there training. This was only her third time on a motorcycle. This was not a handicap for her because she is a natural. So I didn't mind watching her lap me. Not much.  I can't think of anything more wonderful than falling in love. Except falling in love with motorcycling, while you are falling in love. 

p.s. I am writing this to you from a hotel room in Aarhus. It is late and I am exhausted, but in love with this journey. Love gives you a lot of energy. I can not believe I got up this morning, packed up, drove 125 km, took a 2 hour ferry, drove to my hotel, checked in, unpacked, showered, did some work for a client, drove to a friend of a friend's house, did a load of laundry, went on a tour of Aarhus and to dinner in a street market, and now am here in my underwear in my hotel room at 1:24am typing this. Hooray! I get to sleep in tomorrow.