Do Not Mention The War, Osnabrück (Germany)

I stopped here because it was equidistant between Venlo and Hamburg. 

The hotel I chose was more than 200 years old. A four storied building with a past.  I sense the weight of it as soon as I set foot on the driveway. However, I arrived late, so a keycode and metal clank of keys awaited me. The information did not come from human form until the next morning after breakfast.

The hotel as it turned out, was in fact a prison for German defectors during the war. It was also a bar. When I was packing up my  belongings the staff were bottling a strange green liquid into what looked like old fashioned medicine bottles. It turned out to be booze. Good booze they sold. They are also wine distributors.  I wish I had know that the night before.

Nothing is what it seems, it seems, in Germany.

Here is a series of photos on that.