An Introduction, London (England)

Welcome to my official Henge to Henge blog! Here you will find all of my images and stories as I make them.  I am a tangential thinker which I use to be self conscious of. I thought was a bad thing. It turned out to be a total advantage when it comes to creative thinking and storytelling. Everything is connected. 
Disclaimer: blog posts are in progress and on the go, so they may be subject to change and updates.

Me on Ghed's bobber in Suffolk, England. That's his 1600cc Winstar in front, which I have ridden several times. It's like driving a lazyboy couch.

Me on Ghed's bobber in Suffolk, England. That's his 1600cc Winstar in front, which I have ridden several times. It's like driving a lazyboy couch.

Hi, this is me. I'm not a fan of the word favourite, but if I had to name three of my favourite things, it would be photography, motorcycles and travel, not necessarily in that order.

I've been riding motorcycles since I was sixteen to my mom's horror, and yet support (genuinely astonished you let me get my license mom). I got my first bike when I was 20, purchased on Ebay and driven back from Vermont in a Uhaul to NYC in a blizzard. I still shudder to think of the number of 18 wheelers I saw tipped over on the side of the road on the way up. 

It's been a love affair ever since. Do you have any idea of the thrill one experiences while driving a tiny 250 Honda Rebel across the Brooklyn bridge? Nevermind with an Englishman in a suit, on pillion, carrying a cheesecake. True story. Rupert will vouch.

This is Ghed on a Zero FX electric bike at Solo Choppers in Stanton. I'm in favour. Both of the shop and the bike. Even though I like the loudness of bikes.

Thanks to this gentleman, whose name I never had the pleasure of knowing, I have purchased a Garmin Edge 25, which will serve as a speedometer in MPH (my bike is in km/h) and a route tracker. If you look closely, you'll see a Garmin attached to the handlebar by his hand. No need for instruments or cabling.

If I were riding Ghed's bike, or that electric one above to Iceland, I would get there in half the time. I'm not. I'm riding a Kawasaki TR250 which is a significantly smaller bike. She's got pep but I can't run her for long periods of time. I'll be keeping to 300km or under per day except for any necessary long haul days.

Thankfully she a lot beefier than a Rebel and can accelerate and brake significantly quicker. I drove that Rebel 8 hours in one day from NYC to Canandaigua, and to make matters worse, I was following two 650 sport bikes and had her pegged the entire time. Result? I rattled the exhaust flange right off the engine.

This will not be that kind of journey.

Rob, his Tesla and my Kwak

Speaking of electric things, I had the good fortune to ride in my friend Rob's Tesla the weekend before departure. In a word? Inspirational. That thing flies and silently too. Rob played the Bladerunner soundtrack (THE ORIGINAL) as we drove the car to the Hilton at Heathrow for a recharge. The soundtrack, accompanied by our silent progression, provided a totally surreal experience. The future is now. That soundtrack will be put on my playlist for the trip. If I can hear it over the blast of my engine.

There is so much more I could say, but I will leave you here with a bit of prose about my professional self. Be sure to recheck posts as they will change, and if nothing else entertaining, the shall reveal my human inconsistencies. 


I should probably tell you something about me because I'm not just a motorhead with a couple of cameras and a tutorial browsing history on YouTube. I studied psychology, motion pictures and photography at the University of Miami and Spéos Institute of Photography. I am a dual national (USA/UK), multi-linguist, photographer, author, visiting lecturer, publisher, Olympus Mentor, and a professional film colourist. I am currently based in Iceland where many people do many things well,  and no one bats an eyelash. We are capable of more than we think, it is possibly first a matter of thinking it can be so. You can see more of  my work on or read about the book I wrote (which took me to Iceland) on

I sleep well at night sometimes.