From Stonehenge (England) To Arctic Henge (Iceland) Via Europe And The Faroe Islands, On A Kawasaki TR250: September 11th - October 9th, 2017

Places visited: London, Amesbury, Hastings, Folkestone, Calais, Bruges, Osnabrük, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö, Aarhus, Hirtshals, the Faroe Islands, Seyðisfjörður, Þórshöfn, Raufarhöfn, Akureyri, Hvammstangi, and Reykjavík.


Self portrait, Germany

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Henge to Henge Route

September 11th 2017 to October 9th 2017 - 3330km of roads, over 7,000 kilometres travelled in total.

September 11th 2017 to October 9th 2017 - 3330km of roads, over 7,000 kilometres travelled in total.


On September 11 th 2017, photographer and writer Gabrielle Motola left East London on her Kawasaki TR250 motorcycle. The first stop was Stonehenge in Amesbury, England. She then headed to the Arctic Henge in North East Iceland. The route took her via Europe, the Faroe Islands, and then onto her home in Reykjavik, Iceland via the Northern coast. The bike, made for riding around dirt tracks was admittedly on the small side for such a journey, however, perfect for Iceland. They both arrived in one piece on October 9th.

Along the journey, she met up with motorcycle crews in and out of garages, intellectuals, radiologists, members of the Danish bomb squad, flat track racers, movers, shakers, and farmers, as she chased the last of the Autumn light across the vast open landscapes of Europe and Scandinavia.

On more than one occasion she thought she was going to meet her end or severely injure herself. She got stranded in the Faroes due to high winds but was rescued by the local Harley dealership, caught strep throat, nearly ran out of gas in the wilds of North East Iceland, got very seasick, went flat tracking in Sweden, and explored what people in Europe and Scandinavia were feeling in the wake of this past year's elections, while Germany prepared for theirs.

Unlike the vast leaps air travel affords, riding provided much-needed processing time on a human scale, at a human pace. The vulnerability one feels on a motorcycle brings an awareness of the changes in the land, the cultures and the mindsets of the people.