On Writing An Equal Difference

I have written about my observations and internal life in journals since I was a teenager and take great pleasure in drafting any kind of text, this piece included. But I began writing for other people’s eyes only a couple of years ago. Over the course of writing An Equal DifferenceI figured out what I needed to work at my best. I learned to listen to what I needed to keep myself focused and enjoy the process.

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The Only Girl in the Skate Park

Originally written for Ladybits on Medium as part of their "Only Woman in the Room" collection. 

It began at the Chicago mall where they filmed Weird Science. I spotted this hot pink skateboard with green grab rails and a huge black tail guard. I placed it it on the carpeted floor and stepped on it. I went one way, the board went the other. My nine-year-old self thought, “Skateboarding is impossible.” Too late, I was hooked.

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I Want My Amazon TV

Until today I felt like I was living (temporarily) in the most liberal modernised human country in the world. The rules seemed fair and were made out of a few of my favourite things like common sense, decency, and intelligence. They were administered by people of equal merit. Iceland may be the most progressive country on the planet when it comes to gender equality but their customs laws seem like something derived from Bolshevism.

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