The Day in Pictures a photoblog by Gabrielle

Valley Forge Park

Today I went with my father to Valley Forge Park. It’s where Washington and his men camped out for nearly a year to weather the winter of 1777-1778 and went on to eventually defeat the British. The men lived in these tiny huts which provided some protection from the outside weather but were damp and cold. Though nearly 2,500 men died that winter from starvation and disease, training and army morale was kept up at all costs. The army was trained but not uniformly and so with the help of a Prussian Drill Master Baron Friedrich von Steuben, the soldiers became disciplined and unified in preparation for their victory over the British. ┬áSome photographs show the old train station which is now a museum outlining Washinton and his mens’ time in Valley Forge. Before there were cars, visitors to Valley Forge would all arrive at this station.

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