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Olympus OM-D EM-5 and FUJI X-Pro1

My last day at Focus I decided that I needed to see what the files produced by a Fuji X-Pro1 and the OM-D looked like side by side. I knew how each camera handled, but what kind of a picture would they produce in the end? Would I be happy with one more than the other? What follows is by no means a scientific test of the sort you are use to seeing.  Please excuse that.  There were only 2 OM-D’s on the stand at Olympus so I couldn’t take one away for too long. Then, the Fuji couldn’t come off the stand without an escort. Two in fact. So I picked a well lit subject thanks to Damian Lovegrove and shot the OM-D image.  Then I went to the Fuji stand and kindly procured the beautifully ‘vintage’ looking X-Pro1 and went to stand F31 again to take a similar shot. I did not have the same focal length on each camera though I had intended that.  It didn’t work out that way.  Nothing was the ‘same’. It doesn’t really matter. What I think this test clearly showed me is that both cameras are capable of providing an outstanding image. The choice of purchase comes down to preference and operational flow. If you’re looking for a camera that feels like a traditional rangefinder and has some of it’s benefits (like an optical viewfinder) then that Fuji X-Pro1 is something you should seriously look at. If you want something smaller, lighter, and faster to operate that is weatherproof and at the moment has a lens selection that would make anyone’s head spin, (Fuji will be bringing out more lenses for the X-Pro1 in the not too distant future) then go check out the OM-D.

There are of course other reasons to buy either camera. It depends on the kind of photography you are interested in creating and how you like to work. I  like to say cameras are like shoes. I wear a different pair of shoes if I am ballroom dancing, climbing a mountain, running a half marathon, or just hanging around town. It’s not really that different with cameras. You really must try them on and walk around for a bit to find what is comfortable for you.  There is no single one perfect pair of shoes or camera. But both of these are excellent choices.

The photographs are the OM-D EM-5 with the 45mm 1.8 lens at F5 1/200 800ISO and the Fuji X-Pro1 with the 35mm 1.4 at F2 1/125 200ISO taken by Damien Lovegrove. There are also 800x600px sections taken at 100% of each image. Both cameras at ISO 800 are amazing. I can’t really tell them apart a glance from 200ISO to 800.  When does that happen? Personally I’d like one of each please.

Lighting by Damien Lovegrove  Model is Chloe Jasmine Whichello

15 Responses to Olympus OM-D EM-5 and FUJI X-Pro1

  1. julien says:

    Very nice again :-)

    i want one to :-)

  2. eike says:

    Thanks for that information. what setting for the noise reduction for the omd did you use?

  3. Sorry I missed your talk, I like your work a lot! I came to the same conclusions on the XPRO, preferred the focusing, viewfinder and AF of the Olympus. Glad your show went well, I had about 3 people attend my one on Sunday afternoon, and one of those was my pal:)

  4. jhonny says:

    Huge lighting for XPro1 so not detail and Dark lighting for OMD-5 so very detail. Maybe i’m wrong ?

    • Same lighting. Different exposures. I’m looking at the resolution and the image quality. As I said, this is not a true ‘test’ in the traditional sense but simply me shooting both cameras side by side to see if the Fuji had a SUPREMELY better image quality that would make me buy it over the OMD. It didn’t. Not significant enough.

  5. Marcus says:

    Very different exposures; the Fuji at f2 and the Olympus at f5 should give the Olympus a sharpness advantage although the higher ISO might negate that a bit.
    Personally the Fuji shots look a little over-exposed to me. JMO of course but they look a bit bright in comparison. It would have been interesting to see them shot with identical exposures, ISO settings etc.
    I like the Fuji and have ordered it: I think it will be a great camera. I gave up shooting Leica M cameras when my eyesight became too poor to accurately focus them and moved all digital to Nikon D3s’s for work. Too much to carry for travel so hopefully this little Fuji will replace my Leicas and give me AF too!

  6. Alex says:

    Thanks for the comparison Gabrielle.

    I would have guessed that the X-Pro1 would show much better resolution/detail at 100% crop than the E-M5. The X1oo did against also every other crop sensor mirrorless camera, e.g. Fuji X100 review

    It would also be nice to see a comparison with the same settings, i.e. aperture and ISO. But again many thanks and I’m sure we’re all very envious that you got to play with such amazing cameras!

  7. Ulli Stenzel says:

    Great pictures and very interesting text! Thank you for that. This week i will get my X Pro1.

    best regards


  8. Thank you for the photos, I did not like the image quality of the Olympus at all. Now I know why the Fuji Xpro is so expensive, you helped me quite a lot in my decision to spent so much money for a camera.

  9. Mark Heath says:

    I think both camera’s are things of beauty. I’ve been living with my Fuji x100 for awhile now. I also like to leave my big kit at home and shoot with my Olympus pen. The x100 is a real favourite with me, so the Xpro looked like the logical choice for my next purchase. But after reading a few reviews with similar outcomes to this one, I’ve decided its the Olympus for me. This makes sense being as I have 6 lenses I can throw on it now. I really love the convenience of 4/3 format. And the Olympus lens locking system is great in crowded venues. Thanks for the helpful review.
    Regards Mark

    • Glad you found it helpful. You’re welcome. I was surprised myself as I went into the situation expecting to prefer the Fuji. Just waiting for my OMD order to come through. Eagerly.

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  11. Job says:

    Thank you for this short ‘review’. This article really helped me choose between the two camera systems. I absolutely don’t like the look of the Fuji files and the autofocus is too slow for any kind of action. The OM-D files are stunning and I too see no reason to buy the larger and heavier Fuji system. Also, micro 4/3 has a lot more excellent lenses to choose from and the OM-D in particular is a nice modular system with the 2 stage grip. It’s more of a real camera system. So, no Fuji for me, but a spanking new OM-D. Thanks again!

  12. Sammy says:

    Your test gives only a vague impression of the image quality of both camera’s. Even so, the image quality of the Olympus OM-D is really good. The Fuji images are somewhat soft and dreamy. Personally, that’s a look I don’t really like. I like an image with a little more bite but without getting too contrasty. I have tried both the Fuji and the Olympus and I after some none scientific tests I decided to keep the OM-D. I returned the Fuji. The OM-D produces punchier images with an amazing amount of detail. The autofocus systems of both camera’s are worlds apart. The Olympus easilly beats any member of the Fuji X family here. My hopes for the latest Fuji are not too high either. The Fuji has slightly less noise at higher ISO settings, but overall the difference is not enough. With the OM-D you get a faster more responsive camera and a whole lot more beautiful lenses to choose from. Of course the OM-D is a smaller lightweight system too. A no brainer really.

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